Our wines need both time and space to develop their own character, strengths and style. In the end, these natural characteristics are what lend them their unmistakable spirit and quality.

Our diverse varietal range features wines that will both dare and delight every palate.

Our wines are classified into the following categories:
GUTSWEINE: unpretentious, everyday wonders with careful grape selection and extremely high standards

ORTSWEINE: distinctive wines from distinctive places expressed through fastidious work in the vineyards, strict selection and remarkably low yields

LAGENWEINE: stunning, sophisticated wines from carefully selected sites in our best vineyards, hand-picked fruit with uncommonly low yields.

Our still and sparkling wines are produced in the German wine region of Rheinhessen. All of our still and sparkling wines contain sulfites.
Wines prepared using grapes from other growers always contain the statutory declaration of the bottler.

Weingut Oekonomierat Johann Geil Erben GbR
Proprietors, Johannes and Monika Geil-Bierschenk
Kuhpfortenstrasse 11
67595 Bechtheim