In 1871 when Georg Geil, father of Johann Geil, bought the manor house at the heart of the estate, it stood close to the edge of the village. His purchase would lay the cornerstone for the Geil family's winegrowing tradition in Bechtheim.
The estate would eventually come to bear the name of his son Johann Geil, who at age ten planted a chestnut tree in the garden. Its mighty branches stretch high over the property even today. Johann Geil also pushed to become one of the first producers to bottle wine in Bechtheim.
His vision and entrepreneurial spirit weren't just limited to wine. He was also one of the founders of the Raiffeisenbank and the local commercial cooperative, and served for many years as the town's mayor as well.
His dedication and wide-ranging service for the citizens and community of Bechtheim earned him the honorary title of Oekonomierat from the Grand Duke zu Hessen und bei Rhein.
The estate is named in his honor!